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Robert Dick Wilson, was a professor of Hebrew at Princeton Theological Seminary. He was also one of the most brilliant men of his time.  One of his graduates was the famous pastor Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse who later on went on to pastor the Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. Twelve years after graduation, Barnhouse went back to Princeton to preach in the old Miller Chapel. At that time, his former professor Dr. Wilson sat on the front row to hear him, a very intimidating situation.

But there he was, and Dr. Barnhouse preached his heart out as he did every opportunity he received.  Afterward Professor Wilson came up, extended his hand and said to Dr. Barnhouse, “If you come back again, I will not come to hear you preach. I only come once. I am glad that you are a big Godder. When my boys come back, I come to see if they are big Godders or little Godders and then I know what their ministry will be.

Barnhouse asked him to explain. Dr. Wilson said, “Well some men have a little God and they’re always in trouble with him. He can’t do any miracles, he can’t take care of inspiration and transmission of the scriptures, he doesn’t intervene on behalf of his people. They have a little God. I call them little Godders. Then there are those who have a great God. He speaks, it is done. He commands and it stands fast. He knows how to show himself strong on behalf of them that fear him. You Donald have a great God and He will bless your ministry.” And he paused, smiled, said, “God bless you,” and walked away.

Do you live in such a way that your view of God is so small and so insignificant and you’re always distressed, freaking out, and faithless?  You’d like to believe in Him but He just won’t come through. Or is your view of God the true and biblical one? Is He a great big unlimited all-powerful, almighty God in your eyes?

The choice you make today will inspire faith or discourage your hope! Choose wisely.

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