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Do you feel trapped? Imprisoned ruthlessly? Treated harshly & unfairly? Are people lying about you? Facing false accusations?
These times of isolation and difficulty can make a person feel like God has abandoned them, like Jesus has forgotten them. Then when those that are lying about you are believed, the pain goes deeper like a sharp dagger. There you sitting alone in a prison cell of others doing.

After Joseph was falsely accused of rape, he was immediately thrown into prison. It’s a sad situation stacked on top of a painful situation in his life. The liars and accusers are believed and seemingly blessed while the faithful languish in prison.

Except, Joseph enjoyed something they never could: true intimacy with God Himself.

–“But the LORD was with Joseph in the prison and showed him his faithful love.” Genesis 39:21

Look for Gods faithful love in your situation today friend.

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  • Emanuel says:

    Is this message a prophesy for me? I don’t know. As this message popped up on my phone, I’m sitting in the dinning area of my house alone and wondering what is unfolding around me in my life feeling the pain and anxiety of mistrust, unending misunderstanding and my family crumbling down in my eyes but looks perfect for outsiders. I feel imprisoned in my life situation but helpless. Only God knows what I’m going through. Thank God for this message to bless me with hope and strength just in time. Please pray for me and my family.

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