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I know of some individuals and groups who call themselves Christian, and yet their whole internet presence (including Facebook) appears designed only to tear down and not build up the body of Christ. Their sites overflow with what the Bible would call biting and devouring. But as the Word says, biting and devouring does nothing but destroy parts of the body of Christ. I believe the Web—when self-control is missing—can be a powerful tool of the enemy to get the church fighting against the church. And that is tragic.

I know there are many good, apologetic ministries who have web sites on the Internet. And some of the faith’s best minds are involved in apologetics. But unfortunately, many of these fellows have a way of turning on each other and using their brilliant minds for undermining other apologists or ministries. And I’m quite sure that when this happens, Satan just sits back, chuckling, as he gets them to oppose, tear down, bite and devour one another. We must be very careful of all of that. A little self-control will go a long way toward defusing one of the enemy’s most lethal weapons.

— Pastor Chuck Smith

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