Even when things don’t go your way, God is faithful! Do you need to be encouraged today? Have you lost all hope? Are you ready to throw in the towel with your present situation?  Has a miscarriage so undermined your faith?

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In the earlier months of my son Eddie’s young marriage, he and his then wife suffered the loss of a child in the womb. A miscarriage came so early for them.  It ripped my poor boy’s heart right out of his chest.  It was one of his first experiences with deep searing grief.  The life altering heartbreak of grief gripped by poor boy!  It was one of the few times I witnessed him cry convulsively. All I could do was be there for him to lean into me and cry it out. Which he did. As I was praying for him, her, their marriage, and their loss the Lord impressed upon me a song to give to them as an encouragement.  It’s a song sung by Chris McClarney, reminding us of the faithfulness of our great God.  Little did I know the place of this song in my heart in the future years.

Fast forward to a hospital room at St. Joseph’s hospital, 2013.  My 26 year old son lay in a coma as we were rallied together in prayer and desperation waiting for him to wake up around the clock. I remember the moment I shared this song one more time, with his then wife reminding her that God is the God of hope, that waiting is the right thing to do, that we will wait as long as needed, fully and completely supporting the life long challenges that will come once Eddie did wake up. Oh did Marie and I believe He would! He was a strong survivor.  It was then I took out my phone to play this song and worshipped Jesus right there next to Eddie’s bedside.  Not one brief moment did Marie and I lose hope that our son would awaken out of his coma if he would only be given the chance to heal and regain strength. We waited moment by moment for that wonderful day!  It didn’t come.

Our son Eddie went home to be with His Jesus.  He is forever relieved and redeemed in the presence of His Savior.  Not one moment has God been unfaithful. There hasn’t been a second that has passed that God has not been reliable. Things did not go the way we desired. Decisions were made that we did not support.  But God is faithful!  We love Him with all of our heart, even through, especially through the searing pains associated with the death of our Son.  Grief stinks. God is faithful.

Even when things don't go your way, God is faithful! Click To Tweet

Receive this song as my encouragement to you.

God of Our Yesterday, Chris McClarney

When we were in the darkest night
And wondered if our eyes would ever see the light
You were there Lord

When we were in the stormy gale
And wondered if we’d ever live in peace again
You were there Lord

You were there in the struggle
You were there in the fight
You were there all the time

We praise You, the God of yesterdays
We praise You, the God who is here today
We praise You, our God as tomorrow comes

And whatever lies ahead
Whatever road our grateful hearts will come to tread
You’ll be there Lord

We will fix our eyes on You
And know that there is grace enough to see us through
You’ll be there Lord

You’ll be there in the struggle
You’ll be there in the fight
You’ll be their all the time

We thank You for grace in our yesterdays
We thank You for peace in our hearts today
We thank You our joy as tomorrow comes
We will trust God

You’re always closer than we know
Always more involved and in control
We will trust our lives to You
The one who was and is to come