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I’ve been encouraged through this time of crisis by the writings and teachings of Pastor Chuck Smith. His steady and straightforward faith continues to help me navigate through some really difficult and challenging times!  Of course, our beloved Pastor Chuck is in the presence of Jesus now, knowing for certain, all of the things He held to by faith.

Psalm 116:12 (NLT) What can I offer the Lord for all he has done for me?

Because they know Grandma loves flowers, our granddaughters will sometimes go out into our garden and pick flowers for her. They don’t pick carefully. Usually, they haven’t left long enough stems. And more often than not, in their quest for just the right flowers, they leave a trail of trodden down plants behind them.

The garden is not theirs. It is ours. So they are going into our garden to pick our flowers to give to Kay. But you know what? We love those gifts.

I think God receives our gifts in the same attitude. There is not a single material thing that He needs. And because “the earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness” (1 Corinthians 10: 26), anything we give Him materially really belongs to Him anyway. Sometimes, when we are going through His garden looking for flowers to pick for Him, we sort of mess the place up. Yet He receives what we bring Him with loving graciousness. When you consider all that God has done for you and all He has provided— salvation, cleansing, the hope of heaven— it makes you want to give Him something back.

What could we possibly give to God that is of any value to Him?

There’s only one thing He really wants from you. Just one thing. He wants your heart.

Father, when we think of all that You’ve given to us— salvation, eternal life, our daily bread— we wonder what can we give to You. And so Lord, wanting to offer You a sacrifice of thanksgiving, we give You our hearts and our lives.

— Pastor Chuck Smith

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