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Stubbornness is nothing to be proud of.  Even though many today, including so many Christians, wear their stubbornness as badge with pride and honor! The Bible warns against hardening your heart, as it can lead to a stance that puts you at odds with God and His Word. This is a sobering reminder to remain sensitive to the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt during the time of Moses, is a classic example of a hardened heart. Despite numerous warnings and plagues sent by God, Pharaoh’s pride and stubbornness prevented him from acknowledging God’s power and releasing the Israelites from slavery. This true story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of hardening one’s heart against God’s will. The story of Pharaoh also teaches us that no matter how much one might resist or fight against God, victory belongs to the One True God. This is a powerful lesson for anyone who might be opposing God, consciously or unconsciously, in their lives.

Some questions to consider.

– Have I allowed any areas of my heart to become hardened against God’s will?

– Am I living in the freedom and new identity that Christ has given me?

– How can I demonstrate my trust in God’s provision and victory in my daily life?

This week, it’s important to reflect on the condition of our hearts and embrace the new life that God has given us through Christ. Let’s seek to apply the lessons of faith, transformation, and obedience we’ve learned from the story of Pharaoh and the Passover in Exodus 11-12.

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