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Taking Steps of Faith With Special Guest Pastor Sean Stone
Insights from the “Lead2Serve” Podcast
Season 5. Episode 11

Embracing Big Steps of Faith: Insights from the Lead to Serve Podcast

Welcome to another edition of the Lead2Serve podcast! In this episode, Pastor Ed Taylor sits down with Pastor Sean Stone to discuss the critical theme of taking big steps of faith and navigating seasons of change in life and ministry. This conversation is packed with personal experiences, valuable insights, and good advice to guide you in your faith walk and leadership. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or someone looking to grow personally, this blog post will break down the key takeaways from their discussion.

Introduction to the Episode

Pastor Ed Taylor kicks off the episode by welcoming listeners to season five of the Lead to Serve podcast. He emphasizes the podcast’s mission to help listeners grow in servant leadership and glorify God in all they do. Pastor Ed encourages feedback and reviews, highlighting the positive responses they’ve received, especially when two speakers are in the studio.

Meet Pastor Sean Stone

Pastor Sean Stone, the special guest on this episode, shares his background and journey in ministry. Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Pastor Sean’s walk with Jesus began at a small Bible study, influenced by a friend. His early ministry experiences included serving in worship and kids’ ministry at Calvary Tucson, where he thrived as a worship leader and pastor for about 15 years.

Key Takeaways from Pastor Sean’s Journey

Early Ministry Involvement: Pastor Sean’s story underscores the importance of getting involved in ministry early on. Whether it’s worship, kids’ ministry, or any other area, serving in different capacities can help you discover your calling and develop your skills.
Supportive Spouse: Pastor Sean’s wife, Angela, played a significant role in their ministry life, particularly through her involvement in a dance ministry. Having a supportive spouse who shares your vision and passion for ministry can make a huge difference.

Making Big Moves: The Decision to Relocate

One of the overall themes of this episode is the decision to make big moves and embrace change. Pastor Sean shares about the season of prayer and fasting that led to their decision to move from Tucson to Missouri and eventually to Colorado. These moves were not without its challenges, including a sense of isolation and the difficulty of leaving their roots behind. But God’s faithfulness shines through, and moving forward by faith is worth it.

Actionable Advice for Making Big Moves

Seek God’s Guidance: Before making any significant decision, it’s crucial to seek God’s guidance through prayer and fasting. This helps ensure that your decision aligns with His will.
Be Open to Change: Embracing change can be daunting, but it’s often necessary for growth. Be open-handed and willing to step out of your comfort zone.
Confirmations from God and Others: Look for confirmations from God and trusted individuals in your life. These can come in various forms, such as scripture, prophetic words, or advice from mentors.

Overcoming Challenges and Doubts

Both Pastor Ed and Pastor Sean share their experiences of facing challenges and doubts during their transitions. Pastor Ed talks about his move to Colorado and the importance of staying in the word and praying during these life-changing times. God wants to change your life. Let Him!

Tips for Overcoming Challenges

Stay Rooted in Scripture: Regularly reading and meditating on the Bible can provide strength and clarity during challenging times.
Maintain a Strong Prayer Life: Prayer is a powerful tool for seeking guidance, finding peace, and staying connected to God.
Lean on Community: Surround yourself with a supportive community of faith-filled friends who can offer encouragement, wisdom, and accountability.

The Importance of Obedience

Something that kept coming up in our conversation is the importance of obedience in following through with God’s calling. Both pastors emphasize that obedience, even when it’s difficult, leads to growth and fulfillment.

Steps to Cultivate Obedience

Listen Actively: Pay attention to what God is saying through His word, prayer, and the people around you.
Take Small Steps: Obedience doesn’t always require giant leaps. Sometimes, it’s about taking small, consistent steps in the right direction.
Trust God’s Timing: Trust that God’s timing is perfect, even if it doesn’t align with your own plans.

Remember, taking big steps of faith requires trust, patience, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. You can navigate these transitions with confidence and grace by staying rooted in scripture, maintaining a solid prayer life, and leaning on a supportive community.

We hope this blog post has provided good biblical advice and inspiration for your faith walk. Don’t forget to tune in to the Lead to Serve podcast for more insightful conversations and valuable lessons on servant leadership.


Host (00:00:05) – Calvary Church presents Lead to Serve, a leadership podcast with Pastor Ed Taylor.

Ed (00:00:10) – Hey, welcome again to another edition of the Lead to Serve podcast with me, Pastor Ed Taylor. I’m your host for today. we launch into season number five. It’s been a great season. A lot of great topics. I think the feedback from last week has been very, very good. So keep sending it. Remember? if you have a good review, say that on wherever you get your podcasts. If you have a bad review, you can always send it to Bob. he loves to read those things, but really, if you there’s any input or any improvement, you can always send it our way. you know, the goal of our podcast is to grow you in your servant leadership so that you’ll grow and glorify God and all that you do. And you know the better servant you are, the better leader you’ll become, and the better leader you will become, the better servant you’ll be. So these times are designed to discuss important topics, and one of the feedback, one of the big feedback that I got is that you really appreciated when there was two of us in the studio.

Ed (00:01:10) – And so for most of the season, all the season, I have pastor Bob Clay camp in here. But today I’ve got another special guest. one of the newest members of our team here, Pastor Sean Stone. Welcome, Pastor Sean.

Sean (00:01:22) – Hey, thanks, Ed. I listened to the podcast, and yes, now that I’m on staff, it’s fun to see the inner workings and get to get the invite to come back here and be a part of it.

Ed (00:01:31) – Are you going to listen to this episode too? Yeah, for.

Sean (00:01:33) – Sure. Absolutely.

Ed (00:01:34) – And say, oh man, what did I say? How did I say it? But, I think you have a lot to offer just in I mean, we could probably develop a season of some of the things the Lord has taught you, but you’ve been through a couple of seasons of change, and I know change is something we try to avoid. Change can be very good, very challenging. But I thought we’d spend some time talking about some changes, big steps of faith.

Ed (00:01:58) – That’s been a part of our season for season five. But a little bit about you. You are married to Angela. You’ve been married? Did I get it right? 16 years? Yes. It was. Those the 16 best years of your life or Angela’s life? probably.

Sean (00:02:14) – Mine, probably.

Ed (00:02:15) – Mine. And, And not for Angela.

Sean (00:02:18) – Is mercy and.

Ed (00:02:19) – Grace. Five kiddos. Ages ranging in what age?

Sean (00:02:22) – youngest is three, oldest is 13. So that’s quite the spread. Yeah, quite the spread. So for a solid decade for Angela was, you know.

Ed (00:02:30) – Yes.

Sean (00:02:31) – Pregnant and going through it and the tough ten years for her and our family.

Ed (00:02:36) – We have three kids and the spread is ten years from the oldest to the youngest. not not by design, but the way it all worked out ten years and it worked out. I mean, the the that even from the oldest to the youngest, they ended up getting along.

Sean (00:02:50) – It’s almost there’s like a half a generation. Yeah.

Ed (00:02:52) – And it is it is significant. Yeah. just on a side note, like I grew up, I was adopted into a family my sister was adopted in. And we’re five years apart. And even those five years was a distance. But I also have to add that our parents didn’t really nurture that separation. So I know you guys have a great emphasis on nurturing in that separation years, so that you’re helping them adjust. But I didn’t really get that. So my sister and I weren’t very close, hardly at all. So she didn’t.

Sean (00:03:21) – Like, help watch you or feed you or hang out?

Ed (00:03:23) – No, she left the house pretty young. So I almost grew up as a as an only child, like she left in her early teenage years. So that would have left me 8 or 9. I was basically a latchkey kid. That’s what got me in so much trouble. Yeah. my both my parents worked and they left money on the table. Bad idea. And a key. And I basically raised myself for many, many, many years and got in a lot of trouble, which is a different podcast altogether, but great.

Ed (00:03:51) – You guys, you guys recently moved to, to Colorado, but let’s go backwards. So we’ll end there, but go backwards. You are. I grew up born and raised Tucson.

Sean (00:04:02) – Tucson, Arizona, 37 years. You get.

Ed (00:04:05) – Saved there? Yeah. at an outreach or a it was.

Sean (00:04:08) – Like a mall Bible study that a friend of a friend was having. And they would invite my friend out. And this friend of mine, we were drinking buddies. So, you know, kind of getting into trouble, not not to making the best decisions, but, hey, like, there’s these pretty girls at this Bible study, it’s in the mall. It wasn’t even a church. So we started going and I started engaging with the Word of God. But for the first time, really reading it, thinking about it and then talking about it, and it got in me and it just how long it changed me. I probably just maybe a month or two of doing that. Yeah. And I had I had a good foundation set because I had a, I still have a godly uncle who, who, really poured into me.

Sean (00:04:50) – Yes. A lot of, scriptures and things about Jesus and showed me the love of Jesus. But this time it was like I was 19, so I was kind of forming it as an adult. And it man, God got me right at a great time.

Ed (00:05:05) – So how do you get from the mall to a church and what church was that?

Sean (00:05:08) – So my uncle had been going to Calvary Tucson Pastor Robert Furrow, he was the guy we listened to kind of growing up. I’d go every few months when my uncle would call us, hey, are you guys coming to church? And once I got saved, it was like I had served at a few other churches. But Calvary Tucson was my home church. Pastor Robert was my pastor. So when.

Ed (00:05:26) – You say served it just like like.

Sean (00:05:29) – I did worship, at a church for a little bit. I was a janitor at a church for about a year. Another church, and started serving in the kids ministry at Calvary Tucson.

Ed (00:05:37) – And so you spent how many years there?

Sean (00:05:40) – Calvary two sound was about 15 years.

Ed (00:05:41) – 15 years. You meet your what? Where’d you meet your wife? That mall. Was it the mall Bible study?

Sean (00:05:46) – No, no. probably two years after I got saved. Over a year and a half after I got saved, I met Angela, and, she was dancing. She’s actually a dancer.

Ed (00:05:54) – I saw you guys posting a picture on Instagram every time you posted your posting. Some dancing picture. And. Right. You look okay. You look kind of happy.

Sean (00:06:02) – And I love watching the expression on people’s faces when I tell my wife was a dancer when I met her, and but she was she was working with this ministry that would go into high school. It was called break. It’s called breakdown. I think they’re still going okay. And they would go into public schools and present a skit, like a drama skit with dance pop and lock and hip hop and jazz. And it was, raising awareness on, like, drug use, on what happens when you get pregnant. Just a lot of drama happening in high school kids lives.

Sean (00:06:30) – That’s what the skit was. And it showed them how to deal with that. And she was one of the dancers. I started hanging out. It was a Christian organization, so I’d come lead worship, and that’s where we connected. And you a dancer too?

Ed (00:06:40) – so that was funny.

Sean (00:06:41) – Because I’m married to one now. Yeah, it was just you learn to be one because your.

Ed (00:06:44) – Music when your wife.

Sean (00:06:45) – Is one. Yeah.

Ed (00:06:47) – Yeah.

Sean (00:06:48) – I’ve learned to enjoy. We have a good time now. I never did.

Ed (00:06:51) – Cross that line because that’s a great.

Sean (00:06:52) – Dancer.

Ed (00:06:53) – That’s a big deal for me. And I just never. I don’t have it in dancer. I don’t have it. All right. I’ve tried a few times. I just don’t have it in me.

Sean (00:07:02) – So it’s the difference between weddings being like, not so great to being awesome is if you if you’re brave enough to get out there and dance.

Ed (00:07:09) – So dancing makes everything awesome.

Sean (00:07:11) – It makes weddings. Yeah, yeah, I would say it makes everything awesome.

Sean (00:07:14) – Yeah. We need to maybe incorporate it in our future. What do you think? Do that little pitch here.

Ed (00:07:20) – Do a little dancing with flags. Yeah.

Sean (00:07:23) – Some ribbon. Ribbon? Interpretive dance.

Ed (00:07:24) – Yeah, some ribbon dancing. So you’ve been married 16 years? you’re in Tucson. You’re thriving. You’re a worship leader. Of course, you’ve also written music. You produce music, you’ve put out CDs like, this is God’s call upon your life. You’re a worship leader. You’re a worship pastor. you’re thriving in Tucson. Is that an accurate? You’re. Yeah.

Sean (00:07:45) – It was. The opportunities there were amazing. Yeah, I would say it was. It was a season of thriving. A lot to do ministry as far as ministry. So, you know, pastoring, counseling, overseeing young adults at one point. Yeah. It wasn’t that I could pour everything into music there. Of course, but they gave me Pastor Robert Troy. Paul, those guys gave me so much opportunity as a young man.

Sean (00:08:07) – Yes. You know, to be like, hey, come in and we want to give you these opportunities. They took a risk on me and I’m forever grateful for that. I like that.

Ed (00:08:14) – Perspective where if we see something in someone, we want them to be around here because proximity opens up a lot of different doors, and you just don’t know what’s in a person until you see them a lot. So just come and hang out and come and do something. We’ll find something for you to do. But that gives us an opportunity to watch you see you serve alongside of you develop. And I know Robert has the same perspective. Sure. So you’re in a thriving time in Calvary Tucson. God’s using you in an incredible ways. But there comes a season in your life where you start praying with your wife about maybe launching off to something else. Talk to us about that season. Like, what does that look like in terms of God stirring up in your heart that maybe there’s more than what’s going on right here?

Sean (00:09:00) – When I first got hired at Calvary Tucson, there was another pastor, Pastor Allen, who, was also very influential.

Sean (00:09:07) – He was actually on his way out, going to another church as I was coming in. And he had said at one point that he never wanted to get comfortable, and settle in and just say, this is it. And I really that really struck me and I took that to heart. So working with Calvary Tucson full time, I was like, I felt like I was getting paid to go to school. And I wanted to keep that mentality. I wanted to continue to learn, but I didn’t want to get comfortable. And so there were there were seasons every few years where it’s like, Angela and I, we had a stirring for missions. We had a stirring to maybe church plant, just a lot of different ideas that you have, especially when you’re younger and energetic. And you don’t have five kids. Right. you’re just thinking big, dreaming big. And so we had actually attempted a few times and prayed seriously about going overseas.

Ed (00:09:51) – Where were you thinking of going?

Sean (00:09:53) – Ireland was one, yes.

Sean (00:09:54) – We had several opportunities to go over there. And then a couple came to our church who wanted a church plant, and when it was like, yes, it’s we think it’s time for us to go. They said no. And it was really interesting. And then we got pregnant and with each, with each open door that we thought we attempted to walk through, God would shut the door and then it would be revealed we were pregnant again. It seemed to be, it seemed to be a pattern like, yes, stick around. And with each closed door at Calvary Tucson, there were little things that maybe, that maybe was an irritant to get me to move out. And every time that door was closed and I returned to that, whatever that problem or that irritant was, you know, every church has things or just in life in general, there was a maturity of having to go back to that. And what was amazing was seeing the process of God maturing me every time he said no. And that that was pivotal because there were times where I felt like, well, I think I just want to go do something new just because I’m, you know, get a, I guess, get away from the the difficulties I’m feeling presently.

Sean (00:10:58) – Nothing huge, but it was definitely an immature mindset, of course. partly immature mixture. It was a mixture. Yeah, there was certainly adventure there. And so God would say no. And I’d come back and we’d we’d work things, work through things at Calvary Tucson, and I’d grow a little more and get a little more opportunity. It was just amazing to see until, you know, two years ago when God finally opened that door and, and we, we launched from Calvary Tucson.

Ed (00:11:24) – So you’re praying about you’re praying in a similar season, just open to the things of the Lord and an opportunity comes. was it out of the blue? Was it like, how do you end up in another state? How does somebody, you know, for the sake of people listening like they’re serving their faithful? They don’t know. They how did it work for you where you’re in one place thriving, growing, and then and then within a short amount of time, you are in another state serving in another church.

Sean (00:11:50) – We got to a place where, there were enough closed doors, enough settling in to what God had for us a Calvary Tucson and embracing like things were. Things were healthy there. I really appreciate still appreciate the leadership there. felt like I had fruitful ministry there. So we got to a place where it wasn’t there was really no element of escape. And I think that’s a part of why it became an open door. So we we had we just moved into another house. It was a larger house because we were in this small house for a long time. And five kids, we were like, man, we wanted some space. So it was kind of like, we just got this house that we could probably be in for a long time. I was overseeing young adults at that point, really pouring in as a pastor. Yeah. doing worship as well. Ministry was very fruitful. And we it was like we were in a place where we could stay and get settled in. And, I remember I believe it was a documentary on the life of Eric Little.

Sean (00:12:51) – And I just remember his faith and his zeal, and something stirred in me like, it’s just that reminder of, don’t get comfortable, Sean. Like, things are good here, don’t get comfortable. And I got that stir in my heart. And no coincidence at the same time, I’m teaching through Genesis the life of Abraham, which every time it just stirs me up when I see the story of Abraham and how God moved him on. And so again hit, hit the story of the life of Abraham. My wife and I just started talking. Hey, you know, let’s not say we’re going anywhere, but let’s just be open handed and pray. And so we kind of went through a season of fasting, and just praying together. And I prayed very specific things. we had three friends who had recently church planted two in different states. And I thought, well, maybe God’s stirring us up because he wants us to help one of these guys. And so my fleece before the Lord was kind of like, Lord, we’re going to commit some time to pray.

Sean (00:13:49) – And, if you desire us to go somewhere specific. Have them. I believe you can put me on their hearts. Have them reach out to me and just see what they say. It was kind of a I didn’t tell my friends or I didn’t want to, to even manipulate the situation at all. And so at the end of our allotted time of fasting, I didn’t get a call from any of them. I got a call from a friend of ours out in Springfield. Yes, in Missouri. And, it was like, wow, maybe that was it. And so we started praying and it was just like, from there, from that point on, all the cards fell into place and all the doors opened and the sale of the house and everything just moved in that direction.

Ed (00:14:31) – So was it hard to leave Tucson.

Sean (00:14:33) – Walking away from our root system.

Ed (00:14:36) – Because you grew up there? You were born and raised there or.

Sean (00:14:39) – Yes, born, both of us born and raised. But I would say that was harder when when we left it, it wasn’t hard at the time.

Sean (00:14:46) – At the time it was just like, hey man, God has confirmed we’re moving on to something new, something fresh. And there was that excitement. But when you when you get to the next place and you realize those roots aren’t there, that was that was hard. That was the hard part. that’s when the honeymoon phase ends, and you’re just in the grind in the new place. But you don’t have the family around you. Yeah. Or the the church, family with these relationships, with these people that I’ve served with. And they know me well a lot of years. They love me and they trust me and they respect me and and all the open doors that that brings in ministry gone. Like starting completely over with people who don’t know me. the pastor there, knew me and knows me and and so that was good. He gave me a lot of open doors, but and then I would say also the culture over there was a reminder, was a reminder of of how hard it was to leave the roots in the culture of the Midwest.

Ed (00:15:46) – Right, the Midwest, the Midwest, and then probably Tucson’s probably more of a Western still, or they call it southwest. Right.

Sean (00:15:52) – Southwest.

Ed (00:15:53) – Yeah, Colorado. Here in Denver, they have it’s kind of still California ish. It’s like the last real western city before you get into Kansas.

Sean (00:16:02) – Yes. And we noticed that coming here from the Midwest. Yeah. Was it felt a lot more like what we were used to in Arizona. Yeah. Just the way people interact.

Ed (00:16:10) – I didn’t anticipate that, like what you said, because I’m moving from Southern California, coming to Colorado, we were just so gung ho. We were confident what God called us to do and even anticipated a little bit of we need to be alone like God wants to establish my family, I couldn’t have. I can look back now because I’m in my 50s, so my kids are all grown up now, but going through it, I could sense enough of it. Like God wanted us to be pulled all those roots up.

Ed (00:16:38) – he I knew he wanted us to plant a church, whatever that looked like, at least to try to, but to get us alone, our family. It was so really good for our family, to be here, to be together, and not have all these external pressures, two houses to go for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then friends to go and then church to go. And then I had a pretty demanding job that I didn’t know. We didn’t know how much pressure there was until we left it. Yeah. I’m like, oh, I see, I this is absolutely. And here, you know, in Colorado, as much as it’s grown over the years, it’s still very slow. This is a very slow city. compared to LA. it’s just slow and, you know, traffic’s increased over the years, but moving, taking that step of faith, was, was the best thing for my family. So we got a few minutes left, so we got, like, maybe ten minutes left.

Ed (00:17:33) – let’s talk about this sense of taking a step of faith. The the step of faith for you. Not very hard leaving Tucson like you. You’re all in, and then there’s no looking back. Or were there fears, anxieties, things that you had to get over or get through? Nothing like that.

Sean (00:17:48) – I think I’m more of the personality, just like dive right in and maybe I get myself into trouble because I’ll jump into something, maybe without thinking it through or without having the healthy fear. So I like I was ready to go and we just we just did it. Yes. And I felt like my wife was in that place. Now when we moved, we were heading towards where her where her parents lived. So there was a comfort. There was a comfort for her. Yeah. Ahead of us. Okay. but I just went for it, and, I knew I’d missed my family. I knew I’d miss all my Calvary Tucson family, which I still do. Yeah. but I didn’t feel it until we were, until we had launched.

Sean (00:18:26) – But that isolation that you talked about was so healthy for our family as well. Yeah, I think it helped me to be more present of a husband being like it forced me to because I didn’t have. Life was crazy in Tucson, too. There was always something to do, always someone who wanted to hang out or, you know, the holidays were insane. Between church and family and all that stuff. And then all of a sudden there’s this isolation where we don’t know a lot of people. And I’m watching my wife deal with this as well. And it it having to go through that really brought us together. And I think it God showed me how to be more of an attentive husband. And I’m still growing. I’m still growing in that even here. But but I’m really grateful for. Our marriage where it’s at now. Yeah, and it wasn’t unhealthy before, but we were definitely I would say I was preoccupied with a lot of other things.

Ed (00:19:20) – Yeah. And even looking at some of these phases in our marriage, which could be a whole different discussion, that’s not necessarily even unhealthy, except that God has more health like.

Ed (00:19:30) – So wherever we are, God’s going to add more health and add to this where we were in a great place for where we were. But God had more and God had more. And he’s using some of these things. So you spent about a year in Missouri. You spent about a year you come to the end of a year. Yeah. Because I know your commitment or your commitment in your heart was to stay there much longer. But things happen. You get to the place where how do you end up in Colorado? Like what? What were toward the end there? That that what does that look like? How? Because, I mean, you’re not looking to another big move at the end of a one big move. So how I wasn’t so how does that get spurred up, other than the circumstances that the circumstances aren’t so important as much as how where are you are. Yeah.

Sean (00:20:12) – I’m so thankful for the way God will confirm things. So when we left Calvary Tucson, I had a general mindset of two years for the Young Adults ministry.

Sean (00:20:22) – And then I’m going to see what happens. Okay, that could be I’m the young adult guy for ten years or indefinitely, but I’m not going to give it anything less than two years God provided. A friend of mine actually came who wanted. We were looking at him to be the young adult guy before he left town, and I connected with him. He’s like, yeah, I’m going to come back to town. I’d love to do ministry. Hey, when you come back. And it was the exact month that would be my two year market at, at the Young Adults Ministry there. Similar thing happened in Missouri. It was like, I’m not going to consider doing anything else for a full year. and I want I want to hear from God. I want to let things settle there and just kind of just experience. I didn’t even know what what we were going to experience. I had very loose expectations. I had high hopes, but I had loose expectations and kind of learning. I think overall, just like feeling like maybe I wasn’t a great fit for the culture there.

Sean (00:21:18) – And I had spoken with the pastor there about it as well, and he kind of saw the same thing. And so I’m just praying through that. And, at around the year mark, as I’m praying through things, my wife asks me, hey, like, you know what? What is it that you really want? Like, what are you wanting to do? What do you feel called to do? And I said, well, you know, I God’s equipped me in all these different areas through the years of ministry. But man, I wouldn’t pipe dream. Like I would just love to work with the creative team and write and record and, and really just pour into worship. And and that was a few weeks later, I, I got an invitation. That was pretty much verbatim what I told my wife. And, So after talking with the pastor there, it was like it was clear, like this was an opportunity, that God was leading, leading me in. And one more cool thing that the Lord confirmed was I was as I was starting to process.

Sean (00:22:18) – Okay, another move. Really? Like, do I want to do this? Am I and I was recalling the life of Abraham and how he had gone to Egypt after getting to the Promised Land, and so I stopped and I was like, Lord, am I? Am I leaving the Promised Land now to go to Egypt? Like, is this a temptation that’s drawing me out? And then I remembered. But Abraham went to Haran before the Promised Land as well. And so I’m just kind of praying through that. Like, was this just a place where you wanted me to learn and then move on to the next thing, or am I overshooting and I need to see wait and stay here a little longer. And I felt like it was the stirring to move forward. And so when we announced it to the elders there and in the church in Missouri, one of the men, one of the elders, he, he said, you know, Shawn, I just feel like, a word for the Lord, for you.

Sean (00:23:12) – Something a friend shared with me. His life verse was in the. And Abraham dwelt in Haran. And and our pastor there was like, that’s a random text. You want to like expound on that. And he’s like, yeah. So he’s like my friend. He said he never wanted to stop short of what God had for him. And so that was his life verse. And Abraham dwelt in Haran. And so I just felt like I needed to share that with you. Sean. I hadn’t said a word to him about that. And I just I looked at him and I’m like, thank you for sharing that. And God just gave me a piece because we honestly, we did not want to move across the country again. Right.

Ed (00:23:47) – But it’s a big one with God here.

Sean (00:23:49) – Yeah. God had his hands, his handprints on it. And the transition out was was very sweet. The, the the church in Missouri had a very sweet sendoff and we’re still connected with them. But, yeah, that was I’m grateful for that conversation.

Ed (00:24:07) – And so what was the church that invited you out?

Sean (00:24:09) – Oh, it was this church.

Ed (00:24:10) – Oh, was this church this church? Yeah. Was it me or was it was you? Was it the. Am I the one that gave you that? Yeah. so let me give you that perspective. from our perspective, we’re we’re always knocking on doors here. Not to disrupt ministry anywhere. That’s not our desire, but we’re knocking on doors with friendships and relationships. And then we get to these seasons in this church, and we sit back and we think, wouldn’t it be great? That’s kind of how it starts. Wouldn’t it be great? And then we’re like, what would be, you know, wouldn’t it be great to create a team like how the way you just described is very interesting, but wouldn’t it be, wouldn’t it be great to create a team where the environment, you know, even as we’re starting to work on it now, like the environment could be where there is a cultivation of music and worship and, and beauty in that area of, of ministry.

Ed (00:25:03) – And then we start asking, we’re like, I think we’re ready for this. I think we can I think we can knock on some doors and and just see and just like, who knows? Like and it’s I like what you said too, like, because you’re in a perspective. Because I used to not do this. I used to not do this. I used to not make that phone call. I used to not do the text. I don’t know how when it was. Then I changed my mind. But you just gave me the reason why. I know why God changed my mind, even though I don’t remember exactly when it was. And that is. There’s some guy out there. It’s going, you know what, Lord? If you want me to do something, you’re going to put it on on a pastor’s heart. And I’m like, there’s things on my heart all the time. But in the early days, I had I had a fear. And I don’t know if it’s real or not of disrupting a church or like I have no desire to take or like pastor, sometimes I don’t want to steal anyone, right? but I also don’t.

Ed (00:25:54) – Now I still have that mindset, but now I add to that. But I also should ask, and let them make the decision like, I’m not I’m not doing anything because all I am is asking. I don’t know where it’s going to lead, but laying it on the table there and then finding out, I mean, I don’t remember all the details, like the lineup, but you were here fast, man. Like you guys got out here pretty quick. Yeah, you had some things to finish well, and and we made that space, but like, things were happening pretty pretty quickly, and, Yeah, I asked now. Yeah. Yeah. I get a lot of nos that way though.

Sean (00:26:30) – And it wasn’t it was as random as the text was at the time. Yes, it it was prefaced by a conversation we had before I even left Calvary Tucson. I remember it, yeah. And and I had told you and I told Josh, I said, hey, I’m not considering anything for like a full year, but.

Ed (00:26:45) – Do you remember to when do you remember what we said? I think I said it, but maybe Josh and I were at the table right in front of the cafe in Tucson. He was like, bro, if we knew you were praying about leaving, we would have asked you a year ago. Yeah. right, right. But I think that mindset too is like, no, like I also feel like and this is like a good discussion with the details where I also sense, like, I, I really don’t want to manipulate anything. Yeah. I really don’t want to make anything happen. I don’t want to have someone move here and serve at the church here, like on my word. Right? Because if you’re here, on my word, then it’s not going to work because the enemy will throw it out and things will be misunderstood or because we’re human. But if you’re here on God’s Word, when all those disagreements or this misunderstandings happen, you know, it’s like, no man, the Lord has me here.

Ed (00:27:34) – So this is just part of the package instead of, yeah, yeah, come, we’re going to make it. We’re going to take good care of you. Right. Like, no, I don’t know what we’re going to do, but we have an opening. Do you want it right? Do you think you and your wife wants to serve here. And so it’s pretty exciting. So, you know, you guys listening in, it’s like it’s just the I wanted to share with Sean some of the back end. Just so you know, it’s not one size fits all when you’re taking steps of faith. And for a brother like Sean, he’s all in. I’m also all in. However, when I moved to Colorado, it was hard. I was fearful, anxious I was I was here for one week and or maybe two weeks. 1 or 2 weeks. I start my new job. It is absolutely insane. It was not what they. Promised and it was hard. And then going on like there was already a church planted.

Ed (00:28:24) – and so I picked up the phone, I call my boss and I’m like, we’re coming back, we’re coming back. Is my job still open? I knew it was because it’s only two weeks, and it takes a long time to fill that kind of job. And he’s like, hey, Eddie boy, come on back, man. Your office is so empty. And Marie is in this. A rented apartment with a crying baby in the other room going, hang up the phone. We are not going back. We are. And it’s like, oh, it was so hard. And we got through that trial. Got through that trial like it was so much warfare waiting for us here that even though I am all in and I made the decision, I also was like finding out I wanted a way out. Like, yeah, like, I don’t think this is for me because there’s too much warfare like, well.

Sean (00:29:06) – Pain and disappointment. Like we wouldn’t step out into that if we knew how much was there, but that is it’s required.

Sean (00:29:13) – It’s almost required, yeah. For depending on where you’re at in your maturity and in your faith, like we had to step out into some kind of disappointment. Yeah. And I think I had shared at staff meeting learning, I think how much hope I had in the the ministry role I had in Tucson, maybe how much identity I had in that, to all of a sudden I’d have that. I didn’t realize how much I was standing on that shaky ground and not on the rock of Jesus Christ. And it’s not universal. It’s not one size fits all. But I will say that what is universal is staying in the word, staying in prayer, and being sensitive, like being open handed and having an excitement of what God might call you into. Yeah, and God will use the scriptures to confirm in your life.

Ed (00:29:59) – And matching that with obedience. I mean, that’s the last Abraham gets the call, but he had to leave like he had to obey. So thanks for being here. Yeah, we end another episode of Lead to Serve.

Ed (00:30:10) – And, so appreciate you guys giving us your feedback. Stay in touch with us. Collaborating with us again. You can reach me, text me directly. 72060800127206080012. you can also email me at adtalem. Org and be looking for the collaborative work of worship and what God’s wanting to do. It’s a pretty exciting time of what he wants to take our worship and creative and music ministry just everything about it. We don’t even know yet. It’s very exciting. So pray for Sean and Angela and the team and pray for yourself. Taking a step of faith, I wonder how many people are listening right now that God’s brought you to a place of faith and and all it’s required is obedience. And here’s Pastor Sean’s story is like, okay, let’s go for it, honey, and just step out. Let us know. We’d love to hear your stories. Until next time, God bless you and stay close to the Lord.

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