We started a podcast in 2019 on the topic of spiritual servanthood and leadership. Since it’s inception, the response has been overwhelming and many around the country and around the world tune in weekly to grow in their understanding of the Word as it relates to serving Jesus well.  We know that the example of Jesus, the way of His ministry, is the best and want to walk in His power serving His way.

Leadership is an area where I believe the world, with it’s plans and systems, have pushed out and replaced the basic servanthood lessons modeled by Jesus and taught in His Word. We want to get back to the basics of surrender, abiding, and following the lead of Jesus.

I invite you to join us weekly, every Monday, for a new episode.

In Season 3 we are discussing the biblical leadership principles we complied in a book entitled, “Sure and Steady”.  It’s available by clicking here.

Jump into the dialogue and discussion with us on the Lead2Serve Podcast. Season 3 is already underway!

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