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I hope you trust the Bible to change you. God has used His word to change billions of people throughout the ages. You can trust God to use it in your life to change you.

Understand, a commitment to reading, studying, memorizing, and living out the Word of God is essential in the believers life.  There is no other book that has existed or will exist that is living and power, sharper than any two edged sword.  I don’t understand why so many neglect it, avoid it, and don’t spend time in it.

It’s a much better choice to use the Bible as it was intended, as a tool to help us grow in grace, learning about the love our Father has for us through Christ.  The Bible is a solid foundation to build your life upon.

As we approach the Bible, it’s important that we understand it’s absolute power in our lives. Every time we receive the Word of God, it accomplishes exactly what God intended. The Bible literally transforms our lives!

The Bible requires 3 things:

  1. Our ATTENTION. As we read and study the Bible our minds should be open and awake, focused with minimal distractions.
  2. Our RETENTION. The Bible is to be internalized through memorization. We reading and learning so that we will remember God’s Word throughout our lives.
  3. Our INTENTION. Reading the Bible will lead to our commitment to live it out. Our will is brought into focus for new choices and fresh obedience. We must be intentional about our obedience to what we learn.

Our time in God’s Word should be DAILY. Just like you eat food everyday to nourish your body, reading the Bible every day is spiritual food to nourish your soul.

Our time in God’s Word should be DILIGENT. It’s important that you take your time in God’s word seriously and study it to show yourself approved to God, a worker that doesn’t need to be ashamed.

Our tim in God’s Word should be DIRECT. Before you grab a commentary, or a book ‘about’ the Bible, you need to grab the Bible first and foremost. It is the source of God’s heart for your life.

Our time in God’s Word should be DELIGHTFUL. As you approach the Word God humble and expectant, the Lord will fill your heart with His joy as you learn of his glorious will for your life!

If the Bible is your daily book for life, it will be your rock solid foundation in every situation.

Read your Bible and pray, everyday.


*Special thanks to Pastor Skip Heitzig for teaching me these points. 

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  • Brenda Wagner says:

    Thank you Pastor Ed for your timely words of encouragement. The above segment reiterated what I’ve always known- grab His Word first! Thank you Holy Spirit for giving us wisdom and knowledge about Our Savior.

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